Saving Schemes

Optional (General) Savings

Sadharan Bachat

The savings collected by the employees of the organization by going to the doorsteps and

Bishesh Bachat

With the objective of encouraging the members who are share members in the organization and

Sansthagat Bachat

Sansthagat Bachat will be the savings received from the organizations (business groups, business establishments, business

Aniwarya Mashik Bachat

75 Mahine Kramik Bachat

This savings can be deposited in your favor for 75 months on the basis of

Ajiwann (Pension) Bachat

This savings is a minimum of Rs. 500 or 500 is the equivalent of dividing

Baal Bachat

The savings have been made to meet the education, health and emergency needs of the

Nari Bachat

This savings will be mobilized especially for women share members. Improving women’s sensitive health status,

Umang Bachat

This savings can be deposited on the basis of regular monthly installments. This savings program

Senior Citizen Savings

The savings made by the senior citizen members of the organization to meet their needs

Other Kramik Bachat

These savings will be gradually accumulated by the members on a daily / monthly basis

Ekmustha Bachat

This savings can be made up to a minimum lump sum of over Rs. 50,000.

Other Savings

Bima Bachat

Other savings are the savings accounts required by the members of the organization to transact

Lavanmsa Bachat

This account can be operated for the purpose of depositing the amount received from the

Karja Bachat

As per the rules of this organization, only the member who consumes the loan can

Share Bachat

The savings made by the share members in order to purchase the shares of the

Remit Bachat

Shareholder members affiliated to this organization who wish to deposit the money earned in different




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