Maternity facility
Mothers who give birth to a maximum of two children in their lifetime by joining the organization will be given nutritious food along with cash.
Youth self-employment program
With the objective of making the youth entrepreneurial and self-employed, through the Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self-Employment Fund, provides the affordable interest rate loans to the youth who want to start an enterprise.
Cooperative education
Cooperative education will be provided to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the members.
Financial literacy
Financial literacy program will be conducted in the community which is out of financial reach
Birthday Gift to a Child Member
Birthday Wishes will be given to the children who are affiliated with the children's savings of the organization on their birthdays with gifts according to their culture.
Accident Insurance
If the members of the organization have to undergo treatment due to accident or death due to accident, accident insurance will be provided as per the guideline of member treatment fund of the organization and the facility will be provided accordingly.
Social support
The organization aims to spread positive message in the society by conducting various public awareness programs, helping the poor in natural calamities and backwardness, distributing warm clothes, bags, stationery etc. to poor students, helping the elderly, conducting blood donation campaign, running health camps and conducting various social programs in the society.
Observation tour
The organization will make annual schedule to encourage its members and employees as well as to promote the organization by conducting observation, visit and pilgrimage in different parts of the country and abroad.
Debt waiver program
In case of death of the members who have taken loan by joining the Debt Protection Fund of the organization, the loan will be waived as per the Debt Protection Fund Directive.
Newborn facility
If a newborn baby of the share members of the organization is born and the member wants to open saving account of the baby, the organization will save Rs. 1000 in the first month without charging entrance fee.
Death rites support
In case of death of the share members and the family members of the share members, the organization will provide cash and in-kind assistance as per the rules of the organization .
Scholarship program
On the occasion of the annual founding day of the organization or the annual general meeting, S. E. E. Scholarships will be provided to the children of the shareholders who secured the best result in SEE.



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